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cutting-edge machinery at Feletto factory
Feletto factory

Experience and knowledge to serve innovation

Founded in 1973, Conceria Ferrero has undergone gradual and constant growth, in particular after having invested in split and partly in full grain leather. Today, our production activity is divided among three factories for an overall surface of 12,000 mq. The main unit is in Castagneto Po, site of the administrative and commercial offices, while the other two are S. Raffaele and Feletto.

The foundation on which we based our research and processing is hide and skin and VND. There are numerous fields of applications: from exceptional quality belts, the most valued and recognized, to bags and leather goods in general. Not to mention home decor. All of our processing starts out with our extensive knowledge and creativity, combined with technology and innovation. Conceria Ferrero makes constant investments in cutting-edge machinery.

Innovative materials that blaze new trails in fashion and anticipate the ne west trends.
Several interpretations:

Fashion, Split for Belts and the exclusive VND.

Efficiency and real quality, even in the services.
A ready response to the market and the ability to immediately direct production and anticipate trends are the keys to our ability to meet our customers’ needs. The result is steadfast loyalty we’ve gained of the most prestigious brands of leather goods and high fashion, in Italy and abroad.
Conceria Ferrero is always present at the main industry trade fairs, around the world.

Conceria Ferrero