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Style and personality with a touch of Glamour

In line with the dictates of fashion and the styles that alternate from one season to the next, we have combined meticulous esthetic research with attention to details and made them the foundation for refined collections of products made largely from soft leather – calf, baby buffalo – with trendy finishing and colors. Ideal for bags, belts and accessories of great class.

With our advanced processing techniques, like the innovative digital printing technology, and skilled hand padding we can offer a wide range of texture enriched with the most sophisticated effects. Smooth, crushed, excavated, but also effects of high polish, iridescent or matt effects, precious laminations, just to mention a few, so as to reinterpret every new season with taste and personality.

Every collection is available in a wide range of colors, often original and experimental, sign of the creative ferment that for years has distinguished the products of Conceria Ferrero.

Split for Belts

Craftsmanship and technology for superior quality articles

Split for Belts is a line of products produced with European split and using a special process that gives the finished product exceptional resistance to abrasion, water, and dirt while keeping the appearance and touch very natural.

Thanks to the finishes that are as natural as possible, the chrome tanning, the vegetable retanning and a light covering of polyurethane resins make the finish product “real leather” as required by the European Community.

Our products are ideal for making superior quality belts, at a competitive price but with the characteristics expected of fine grain leather.
The abundant product range and the choice of colours and refinishes with pull up, waxed, aged, crackled, and greased effects, are in constant evolution to meet the changing needs of the market.
Our products can come in custom-tailored colours and finishes, to meet the upcoming fashion trends.

Our superior speed in refinishing, prompt delivery, and vast experience in processing make Conceria Ferrero the ideal partner to bring together the ancient art of tanning with the most advanced production technologies.



The exclusive quality of a product that has captured the market

If it is true that need is the mother of invention, then VND is an exceptional solution to problem of raw material shortages, with performance decidedly superior to the regenerated leather products currently available on the market. The result of insight and advanced experimentation, VND is a living material, 100% natural, buttery soft and nearly identical in appearance to real leather. It is exceptionally durable against tearing, stitching, pulling and cracking. VND is an innovative, revolutionary product, the result of advanced tanning technologies and superior workmanship.

An acronym of VitaNaturalDurante and synonymous with naturalness and durability, VND is blend of finely ground leather fibres, retanned with vegetable tannins and blended with pure latex. VND is a regenerated leather product but is completely innovative because it has obtained the ICEC Certification of Quality as it is a specific “material for belts”, the first and only one of its kind. Available in an extensive assortment of colours and finishes, designed to satisfy the needs of the market, VND meets the needs of belt designers and manufacturers and professionals in search of innovative materials with a broad offer of constantly evolving solutions and materials. It can also come in custom-designed colours and finishes, in line with the evolution of styles and trends.
VND is delivered in standard sheets of 130×140 cm and in thicknesses exceeding 3 mm, ensuring exceptional versatility in the use.